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Teamwork for the WIN!

'The Moran Constitutional Relay Race definitely did not disappoint! This race was set up much like the Trail Ragnar event we participated in, back in August. The race began at the Moran State Park on Orcas Island. Each team consisted of 6 individuals running 2 separate "legs" each in relay fashion (or 4 individuals running 3 separate "legs" as an ultra team). Out of 48 teams entered and racing, we had 4 GRRLS teams registered. We were looking forward to a FUN weekend on the island!

Friday evening, we all meandered to the ferry's and ended up meeting just in time to check-in before 10pm. We all managed to make it to our cabins, claiming a bunk and wound down quickly for some shut eye. I was incredibly concerned about my legs (as my body had shut down due to autoimmune reactions and muscle fatigue just 2 weeks prior and I had not yet tried to run any hills/mountains. I let me teammates know of my racing concerns, the fact that I might not be able to race both "legs" and we decided as a team that we would just battle that bridge when we got there.

I would start off the raceough the island and event was challenged with blustery sideways rain, wind, power outages we all had a blast laughing often, eating a bunch, playing games and camping out in our “sauna-like” cabin with one an other! 😅

Out of 48 teams, we took home 2nd Place, with a time of 10 hours 45 minutes and 16 seconds. Cheers to my "GRRLS oN ToP.... Of MoUnT CoNsTiTuTioN" 🎽🏆 annnddd to our Sister Team, "GRRLS GeTtiNG DiRtY" for their 6th Place Finish! 👣💥 What a SuPeR SwEeT collaboration @ the 2nd ever Moran Constitutional Relay Race this fine weekend!! A *BIG* THANK YOU to Northwest Trail Runs race crew and volunteers for your hard work, late nights, early mornings, amazing food and tireless efforts in some pretty CRAZY WEATHER we were gifted this fine weekend. And and even (BIGGER* THANK YOU to our girl, Alicia Jenkins, for all of her hard work and dedication to our #GRRLS teams and for organizing such a fabulous retreat! ❤️🌟🌟 Such a great weekend spent on Orcas Island disconnected from the world with these aMaZinG #GRRLS!

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