A Comeback to Remember...

This is the look of one happy runner amidst her first race in over 3 years!! Yakima Skyline 25K definitely did not disappoint! I began the race with serious nerves and a really upset stomach. I tried to maintain water and electrolyte intake every 45 minutes and managed to do alright with that goal. I talked to God often, asking him to keep my body strong and my pace steady. And with that, maintained 4th place *female* until about mile 12 on my way back from the Roza Creek Aid Station. Then sadly, lost the pep-in-my-step, "bonking," on my last BRUTAL hill climb due to my lack of food intake along the way... And the one thing I forgot amidst the rest. As an aside, I'm really going to have to

Will you join me?  Let's help our Nation’s heroes get the support they so need by receiving the healthcare they so deserve. Please consider donating to Running for Combat Veterans.  Thank you so much for your support! 

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