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Muscles and Mind


Deep breathing combined with muscular activity (stretching) is termed yoga.  Yoga has become an excellent form of therapy for Veterans and those working to stay in shape through disabilities, PTSD, anxiety and stress while also building strength, endurance and flexibility in the body. When deep breathing, yoga allows the body to slow the heart rate and calm anxiety while also providing increased blood flow to healing body parts. 


Regular practice of yoga, pilates and meditation as a part of a therapeutic training regime that can help those recovering from injuries and anxiety gain additional mobility and a more relaxed state of mind.  Yoga and pilates uses meditation, deep relaxation, stretching and breathing to reduce physical, emotional and mental tension.  

I find I am also able to incorporate this mind/body work in other aspects of my life and during especially during doctors appointments or treatments to calm my mind and relax my body as well -such as  during a chiropractic adjustment or medical massage for examples.

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Sunset Yoga at Boulevard Park in Bellingham, WA

(Photo Credit: Travis Janeway)

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