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Trail Running

 For me, I found escaping to the mountains to be most healing form of therapy for me.  The mountains allow me my time to release.  They give me a way move and talk to God and the Universe and allow me time to be alone in nature, exploring all of God’s many creations.  I’m grateful for how simple life is up in the mountains.  The technology is gone, the people are gone, the chatter is gone, the “we cannot help you but thank you for your service” is non-existent… The “no’s” are all “YES’s.”  I can talk, scream, cry and get everything out of me, that I cannot do at home, at work or around others as really no one I knew could ever really relate to what I was going through in my community.  



Being in the peace and quiet of the mountains, I feel powerful and strong again…  And specifically for me, choosing the most "difficult" mountain to conquer and summit, on the map, gives me the challenge of being completely alone the and competitive drive I so need to feel alive and powerful.  I know I will make it each and every time and I always do.   Even if every once in a very blue moon, the fog deters my summit.  Ha!  Standing "inside joke" among my running buddies and I because RARELY will this ever happen.  Summits are my weakness!  I mean, seriously, where else can I be up in the clouds and this close to my maker?!  :)

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