From Winning to DNF'ing in 2 Weeks Time...

The irony, of that title, eh?! Well, unfortunately, the Chuckanut 50K DID disappoint for me -as opposed to most of my friends and running comrades! The morning started much like any other race morning and gratefully, I even had a "leg up" and an extra hour or so to sleep in, as the race was in my "home court," of Bellingham, Washington! I woke up with plenty of time for my daily readings, some breathing exercises, a leisurely breakfast, stretching, rolling out of the legs and pre-race checklist organization. However, this morning, I was going to try to skip one major gut wrenching (and caffeine removing agent) from my morning routine... my coffee! And by switching to green tea for th

Kicking the 2018 Season Off with a BANG!

What an incredible adventure yesterday turned out to be!! 🌅 The day started out with miraculous sunrise on the road and ended with a win 🏆and highs of ☀️52 degrees! Wallace Falls Trail Race did not disappoint!!💥 With the 💦Wallace River (the upper, middle and lower falls) to our right keeping us distracted while climbing the Woody Trail, we hardly even noticed the increasing amounts of ICE and ❄️SNOW as we continued our ascent to the top!! *insert sarcasm here* 😅 Once to the top of the Woody Trail, we turned left and followed 👣 a single track route above the Valley overlooking Snohomish County and all of the surrounding areas all the way out and to the bay. We had just beautiful, swe

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