Taming the Beast!

As many of you know, running has had to take the backseat in my life since May (when after Wy’east 50M) I could barely walk after months of severe back & leg pain while waiting on Veterans Affairs Healthcare approvals. Yes friends, it has taken VA 11 months to approve MRI’s for both my back/hip & leg. As of April, I was fortunate enough to get Doctor Carolyn Clancy (Head Medical Director of the VA out of DC) involved with my healthcare team and following my healthcare progress (since being dropped by the VAHC system 3x due to “glitches” in the computer systems, this year by August). My healthcare got reinstated and I was put in contact with the Chief of Medical in Seattle, Randy Nordtmark w

Will you join me?  Let's help our Nation’s heroes get the support they so need by receiving the healthcare they so deserve. Please consider donating to Running for Combat Veterans.  Thank you so much for your support! 

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