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Trail Ultra... Ragnar Style!

The Ragnar Trail Ultra in Rainier Washington this past weekend was nothing short of EPIC!! 4 buddies, relay running 3 designated loops continuously for 2 days and one night on Crystal Mountain *and twice* !! We each ended up running 6 different legs equaling roughly 32 miles a piece with nearly 18,500 ft of elevation gain and for my part, I ran my legs in roughly in 6 and 1/2 hours!! My teammates times varied of course! But after it was all said and done, we walked away with a VERY CLOSE 2nd place in the Men's Competitive Open Division for the entire Ultra Relay... Yep you read right, MEN'S COMPETITIVE OPEN DIVISION! Ha!! Wow, am I proud of my aMaZing team!

Though there were a few unexpected obstacles (such as a nasty freezing rain, blustery storm that blew through from evening the first night into the late morning the following, and an injured runner on the path of my teammate Ian, (who graciously stopped to assist her off the mountain to help, taking off nearly an hour and a half from his "leg"), as always and everyone stepped up with grace and integrity and I couldn't be more amazed at our results! It was truly a nail~biter to the end! We came in 2nd place in the Men's Ultra Division and by just 28 SECONDS but I'm so proud that we got 'er done together that I wouldn't have had it any other way!! I have no one to thank but my fellow mates and our crew for all the help support and overall great time spent running, eating, climbing, catnapping at camp only to repeat it all again and TOGETHER the next day... What Ridiculously GOOD TIME repeating "Ground Hog's Day" with these fellas!!

#ragnartrailultra #team294 #ridiculouslygoodlooking #yuptachneydidthat ~with Chris Tacheny, Terry Carlson & Ian Peif

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