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Did you know that water therapy can be one of the best ways to treat certain conditions and injuries? In the water, you can have more control over your body movement with less pain because of the buoyancy of the water.  By using water therapy, you are able to function at levels higher in the water than outside of the water allowing your body to heal and progress to normal activity.


And even for those individuals who have recovered from injuries, water therapy provides ongoing benefits such as improved strength, improved balance and coordination and a decreased heart rate.  Water is thicker than air, so you can encounter tremendous resistance helping to strengthen and tone muscle.  Aqua running allows you to get a great cardio workout without the impact, giving your body and joints a nice break from the pavement/trails as well.   Also, most pools have discounted rates for Veterans and individuals with disabilities so be sure to ask for a discounted rate!


Aqua Therapy

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