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Training for Ultra

Recently I had the chance to sit down with my good friend Rob Steger, author of the book Training for Ultra: Ultra Running Stories from the Middle of the Pack and host of the podcast Training for Ultra.

We spoke about many things, from the struggles I have overcome to my work to help fix the system that failed me and so many others to the Bigfoot 200 Mile Endurance Race where we met and ran together.

Listen to the podcast below or follow through the link to Rob's website.

Training for Ultra - Podcast Episode 119
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Past Events

On August 9, exactly one decade since my return home from my deployment to Iraq, I will attempt to run one of the longest endurance races in the Nation, the Bigfoot 200—a 206.5 mile foot race which starts in Marble Mountain Sno-Park,  Washington, at the base of Mount St. Helens and traverses the Cascade Mountains, including 42,000 feet of ascent and more than 86,000 feet of elevation change.  For someone who has undergone over a dozen surgeries, including a double Rhizotomy on my L4 and L5 just 10 weeks ago, this race is no easy feat.  I have followed strict medical, PT, chiropractic, and coaching guidelines while training and this feat is finally within reach.

I chose one of the biggest races to run not only for my own closure after a decade of my life lost but to also raise the most money per mile run for my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Arms affected by suicide, PTSD and disabilities. So why not choose one of the longest races in the Nation?!   I will run to raise money for those stuck waiting on the VAHC system.  I believe that financial support for even one medical bill or mental health appointment when in dire need, could save a Veteran’s life.

Just as so many Veterans have defended our country, I ask you to hlep return the favor.  I can do the running, but I need your help to raise money and awareness.


Running for Combat Veterans is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit organization set in place to help Veterans get the care they so deserve.  My goal is to raise $50,000 this year for Veterans in need. Donations are used to provide financial and mental health support for any Combat Veteran with a valid Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD214), with the ultimate goal of reforming the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System for all.  WILL YOU JOIN ME?  Share?  Donate?

Will you join us?  Let's help our Nation’s heroes get the support they so need by receiving the healthcare they so deserve. Please consider donating to Running for Combat Veterans.  Thank you so much for your support! 

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