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Second Time Around...

A mixture of emotions ensued for me this weekend much like the changing Orcas Island weather but one thing that is for sure is that my faith has never been stronger. The phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the Bible 365 times and is a daily reminder to live each day absolutely fearless.

This weekend, I am proud to say I did the best I possibly could under the circumstances I was in and believe I truly succeeded because my Savior never left my side. I ran with all of my heart, prayed often, cried when needed and with all of my senses, took in the magical beauty of Orcas Island, that engulfed me as I pushed through 4,800 feet of both elevation and decent to that finish. I was pleasantly surprised *and rewarded* with 3rd Place podium finish with a time of 2:23:39. A HUGE thank you to @destinationtrailraces for such a wonderfully planned and flawless event. Such a great weekend spent relaxing in the sun and around the island with my trail family.

When you truly love with all of your heart, letting go is the hardest thing you can possibly do. Through the many challenges I've faced on all levels this month, my Lord kept me grounded, my head on straight and provided. I am ever so grateful for His undying love and for the lessons he continues to teach... This weekend and after 20 some odd years, I fully understand the meaning of love and what you really love most, you must set free.

After a break from any cell coverage or social media for the past 4 days, it's back to the real world this morning and time to let yet another love be set free, my home of 6 years. It's moving time and time to shut the page on the latest chapter in my book of life so that another more incredible chapter can begin. This morning, I refuse to be anything but grateful for each and every one of His many blessings in disguise. . . . . . #runhighs #myterritoryrun #runningforcombatveterans #runningforthosewhocannot #runningfordisabilities #runningforptsdawareness #runningforsuicideawareness #destinationtrail #trailsisters #oisellevolée #hokaoneone #hokaoneoneclifton #orcasislandhalfmarathon #3rdplacefinish

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