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A Comeback to Remember...

This is the look of one happy runner amidst her first race in over 3 years!! Yakima Skyline 25K definitely did not disappoint! I began the race with serious nerves and a really upset stomach. I tried to maintain water and electrolyte intake every 45 minutes and managed to do alright with that goal. I talked to God often, asking him to keep my body strong and my pace steady. And with that, maintained 4th place *female* until about mile 12 on my way back from the Roza Creek Aid Station. Then sadly, lost the pep-in-my-step, "bonking," on my last BRUTAL hill climb due to my lack of food intake along the way... And the one thing I forgot amidst the rest. As an aside, I'm really going to have to work on that as I switch from short, fast races to long distance, steady-paced races!

As I climbed for MILES it seemed, all I could do was pray along the way and often. I kept asking both God and my angels to keep me on track to help me to, not only finish, but to finish for the millions of disabled Combat Veterans that I am now running for... Just as I run for myself as much the same. Deep down I really hoped to finish in the *women's* top 10 and gratefully my prayers were answered that afternoon.

Just shy of 8 months post hip surgery and on day 114 since getting the "green light" to ease back into training, I was able to complete my 1st RACE in over 3 years (and my first 25K EVER, strange I know!) coming in as the 7th place woman while crossing that finish line in 3:02. I couldn't have been more grateful for the opportunity to run once again!! It was quite a teary moment for me but what a beautiful course and what an incredible mountain and Skyline to conquer.

I have Rainshadow Running to THANK for that beautiful beast of a course! A special THANK YOU to Glenn Tachiyama and Tad Davis for the lovely shots on the Skyline!! I have to admit, that was the hardest race I've run to date but I have a feeling we're just getting started now... Because there will be over 2,000 MORE feet of climbing coming up in the Psiloritis International Mountain Race in just 4 weeks time and I'll need to be ready for the elevation, heat and humidity to boot. 🇬🇷 Crete here I come.. Onward with the training!!! . . . #keepthefaith #trustthetraining #yakimaskyline25k #rainshadowrunning #runningforcombatveterans #runningfordisabilities #runningforptsdawareness #runningforsuicideawareness #runningforthosewhocannot

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