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       Photography by Nick Danielson

Mission Statement

We’ve served, we’ve fought, and now we’re climbing mountains.


Reintegration into society after returning home from combat shouldn’t be a continued battle.

Running for Combat Veterans (RFCV) is a  501 (c)(3) Non Profit that aims to alleviate the financial hardships combat veterans face by bringing awareness to disabilities, PTSD and high suicide rates among this population while providing self- empowerment, resources and financial resources to those who have been failed by the system. 

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2023 Ambassadorship Teams

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Running for Combat Veterans (RFCV) goals are as follows: 

  1. Run to raise awareness of Veterans with disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and for those who have lost their battle to suicide. Run to raise awareness about the only healthcare system our Veterans are entitled to and that most healthcare providers and specialty care clinics DENY coverage for:  The Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.

  2. Collect donations for every mile run for the following:

    • ​First, to fund the establishment of our 501(c) (3) Non-Profit organization (RFCV).

    • Most importantly, to help alleviate hardships Veterans face when in need of services they cannot get funded through our State, Nation, Military, Veteran Funds or Veterans Affairs Healthcare System for any of the following:  medical care, mental health care, housing, employment or food.

  3. ​Reform the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Nationwide. Currently, Veterans are forced into an ineffective system. With no other permissible options for coverage, Veterans must wait on the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, which simply does not work. The VAHC is confusing, full of loopholes, requires loads of paperwork to be completed and hoops (for providers and Veterans) to jump through in order to gain approvals/authorizations for care. The system is far from cost-effective. And most providers and nearly all specialty care providers deny services to Veterans in our communities. 

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